Captains of Bay State Cruises’ Encore Water Shuttles are to deliver excellent guest service while operating the vessel in a safe, professional manner.



  • Show proficiency in maneuvering the vessel on and off the docks and while transiting the harbor
  • Utilize all electronics and instruments to safely navigate the route considering weather, sea conditions and both commercial and recreational vessels
  • Follow all vessel opening/start-up and closing/shut-down procedures
  • Maintain vessel cleanliness and aesthetic standards throughout the scheduled shift
  • Keep an accurate vessel log and passenger count
  • Supervise the scheduled crew member aboard his/her vessel
  • Greet all guests with a friendly, engaging demeanor
  • Assist guests with boarding and disembarking as well as with packages/luggage
  • Communicate any incidents or operational issues directly to the Operations Manager


  • USCG Merchant Mariner Credential 50 GRT or better, valid and in good standing
  • Valid FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit
  • Negative result pre-employment DOT drug screen and subject to required random screening
  • Conduct required USCG drills including Man Overboard, Fire and Abandon Ship
  • Familiar with all required vessel documents and publications
  • Sound health, vision and hearing
  • Work/stand for long periods of time without a break
  • Safely lift 50 pounds