Provincetown Ferry Fleet


Of all the Provincetown Ferry Companies that have served Provincetown since the 1800s, Bay State Cruise Company has served the route the longest. We are proud of this commitment and dedication to the Provincetown community.

We are also proud of our Provincetown Ferry vessels.


Provincetown IV

Passenger Capacity: 149

Seats on Board: 200

Length Overall: 100'

The Provincetown IV joined our Provincetown Ferry fleet in 2013 and is the newest privately run fast ferry in New England.

Provincetown IV Ferry

Provincetown III

Passenger Capacity: 149

Seats on Board: 208

Length Overall: 100'

The Provincetown III is the second Provincetown Fast Ferry that we've operated to Ptown. In 2004, the PROVINCETOWN III took over from the PROVINCETOWN EXPRESS.

Provincetown III Ferry

Provincetown II

Passenger Capacity: 900

Length Overall: 194'

Our "Grand Dame," The PROVINCETOWN II now only sails to Provincetown a handful of times a summer and primarily sails upon Boston Harbor all summer long for large events and for ferrying camps kids to the Harbor Islands. We love the PII and dote on her mightily.

Provincetown II Ferry
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