BSCC Brings Humor to Stormy Passages

When Bay State Cruise Company resumed its Bostonto- Provincetown ferry service on May 16, something new was on board: specially designed “barf bags.”

“It’s unusual for weather and rough seas to make passengers sick, but in the unfortunate event that it does happen, we hope that they at least keep their sense of humor,” owner Mike Glasfeld notes. “We had a lot of fun designing these bags, and as a Ptown business we like to reflect the quirkiness and unique charm or kitsch that is Provincetown.”

The bags were designed by and include messages that include:

  • Heave ho
  • I know I’m supposed to go green, but this is ridiculous
  • Queasy does it
  • Official bag of the Ptown Hurling Team
  • Faster than a speeding comet, use this bag to catch your vomit

Bay State Cruise Company and ptownie have teamed up to not only present the unique nature of Ptown but also to bring forward the nostalgia and history of the route by presenting a series of “ferry tales.”

“Bay State Cruise Company is clearly committed to making Ptown a better community,” says ptownie founder Mike Miller. “We’re enthused about this collaboration and common mission and are looking forward to a fantastic season together.”